How do you attain a better life when you are reincarnated

The physical body’s death does not mean that life is over. The physical body dies, but the spirit lives on. It continues to exist in the astral body, which is a counterpart to the physical body. The astral body is comprised of astral matter and lives in a realm called Devaloka, or Second World, that is similar to this one.

In other words, the soul lives on in another body, the astral body, after death in order to perfect itself, to spiritually develop and progress. It is reincarnated into a corporeal body at the appropriate moment, according to its karma. As a result, the astral body, which contains the soul, enters a new physical body.

This cycle is repeated many times until the soul spiritually opens and evolves to a point of perfection or maturity. Samsara refers to the endless cycle of births and deaths. The soul is transferred from one physical body to the next. According to Hindu belief, the soul reincarnates every time it does so. This is the process that is referred to as “reincarnation.” And how do you attain a better life when you are reincarnated.

how do you attain a better life when you are reincarnated
how do you attain a better life when you are reincarnated

How do you attain a better life when you are reincarnated

Your future existence is a sum of all you’ve done in previous lifetimes and this one. Karma is a never-ending and ongoing process. As you exhaust your previous karmas, you continue to create new karma via your activities. It is impossible to escape karma and not conduct deeds, according to the Bhagavadgita.

You can’t fix the karma issue via action or inactivity. Even if you don’t accomplish anything physically, your mind and body continue to work, which might lead to good or bad karma.

Only until you attain nirvana does the karma issue go away. Because emancipation is not always achievable or guaranteed, it is advisable to be prepared for your rebirth and concentrate on the following.

1. Your thoughts and behaviors:

Your thoughts and behaviors
Your thoughts and behaviors

Desire-driven activities are the primary source of karma. As a result, intentions are crucial. Recognize the driving force behind your behavior.

Know why you want to accomplish anything, whether it’s to make money or to assist people. Your thoughts, words, and acts all contribute to your karma. As a result, you should concentrate on all three and learn to exercise restraint.

2. Your desires:

The seed for your future existence is formed by your primary aspirations. They make deep effects on your mind and leave a trail in the form of causal awareness (karanachitta). You won’t be able to get rid of it without separation and renunciation. Desire for the reward of your acts, as the Upanishads state, is much more binding. As a result, you must consider how you conduct your activities and what you want to gain from them.

3. Your attachments:

Your attachments
Your attachments

It’s tough to break free from the links you create with the things of this world. They will compel you to return to the same locations and circumstances and deal with them if you do not conquer them.

Attachments are also to blame for a slew of unwanted features and harmful consequences, all of which contribute to the continuance of misery from one generation to the next.

4. Your connections:

Your relationships are the most visible type of attachment. Positive and bad karmas are created through your interactions with people and the tangible objects in your life.

It’s tough to avoid karma while dealing with others since your actions and their actions will have good and bad effects for both you and them.

As a result, you must review your relationships and free them from any responsibilities and hurts from the past.

5. Your personality:

Your personality
Your personality

According to the Bhagavadgita, some attributes are deemed divine while others are considered evil. They are caused by the gunas’ supremacy, especially sattva, rajas, and tamas. Examine which of your qualities is strongest, and strive to nurture sattva in your thoughts and deeds.

According to scripture, sattva supremacy assures either a pleasant rebirth or even freedom. It’s also crucial that you live a holy and virtuous life, free of bad temptations, greed, cruelty, or immorality. It is preferable to behave according to your best judgement.

6. Your mandatory responsibilities:

Karma yoga entails truly executing your responsibilities without expecting anything in return, with a feeling of duty, sacrifice, and submission. Your responsibilities are derived from God and are intended to maintain the world’s order and regularity, as well as the welfare of all those on whom you rely for your own survival and well-being.

Obligatory tasks, according to our teachings, bring positive karma. As a result, you must concentrate on living properly and faithfully, without expectations, and contributing to God’s world.

7. Your awareness and understanding:

Your awareness and understanding
Your awareness and understanding

It is essential to cultivate the correct information in order to overcome illusion and identify the truth about your own existence and the existence of this planet. When you have the ability to discriminate correctly, you will realize that you are neither your mind nor your body, but rather the immortal soul.

You realize that you are nothing more than a tool used by God to carry out his will on Earth. You also realize that you can’t take credit for your acts or accomplishments, and you can’t claim ownership of your money.

Yoga, self-purification, and scripture study are all ways to get correct understanding. You may also benefit from the knowledge of wise masters.

8. Your mind:

It is quite tough to train and control your mind’s motions. As previously said, mind control is essential since our scriptures imply that whichever ideas predominate in your mind and persist in your consciousness at the moment of death decide your future existence or release.

Only through restricting your thoughts and sensations, as well as exercising meditation and focus, can you obtain control over your mind.

9. Atonement:


The most effective approach to eliminate bad karma is to atone for it and vow not to repeat the activities that caused it. In several faiths, you must seek the help of a third party in order to be forgiven. You may accomplish it on your own in Hinduism by praying to God or your chosen god.

Certain rites may be performed with the assistance of experienced priests to wash your sins, however this is not always required. Make it a practice to atone for your sins before going to bed every day. Allow your prayers to be for the forgiveness of your sins.

You may also atone for previous misdeeds by doing good activities like providing charity, assisting the poor and needy, and contributing to social or religious causes, among other things.

F.A.Q: how do you attain a better life when you are reincarnated

What role does karma play in reincarnation?

The concept of reincarnation is linked to karma. A continuous cycle of life and death, conditioned by karma, connects a person to previous and future lives (Kolenda 1964; Wadia 1965). The spirit or soul escapes death and is reincarnated into a new body, human or nonhuman, through reincarnation.

What is the reincarnation symbol?

In many civilizations, the lotus flower has been seen as a sign of rebirth, regeneration, and enlightenment.

Is there such a thing as eternal karma?

There is no time limit on karma.

Unfortunately, unlike luggage at the airport, this bag never goes missing, so you’re stuck with it until you open it and pick through its antiquated contents. You might be dealing with karma that dates back multiple lives without even realizing it.

What is karmic healing, and how does it work?

KARMIC HEALING provides us with creative access to our former lifetimes, as well as a means of releasing the pathological imprints we left behind and exploring the spiritual development opportunities that our higher mind urges us to. will answer how do you attain a better life when you are reincarnated 

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