If you could change one thing in your community what would it be essay

Everything in the cosmos is changing all the time. And everything must be constantly improved in order to meet humanity’s ever-changing and expanding expectations. We all have a passion for something that might make a difference in our neighborhood, if not the whole world.

if you could change one thing in your community what would it be essay
if you could change one thing in your community what would it be essay

If you could change one thing in your community what would it be essay

  • If I could alter one thing about my hometown, it would be the air pollution issue, and I will explain why I wish to tackle it with the following arguments.

The first and most significant reason is that I want for my community to blossom into a lovely city.
My hometown, being an ancient industrial city, has made a significant contribution to the country’s economic growth. As a consequence, the city’s natural ecosystem has been severely harmed.

The forest has vanished, the mountains have become bare, and the worst part is that the air quality is deteriorating. During the majority of the year, people seldom see blue skies.

Another reason I want to improve the air quality in my hometown is because the city’s growth requires a clean and orderly environment in order to attract investors. People nowadays understand that the city’s environment, also known as the “software facility of the city,” plays a critical part in the city’s destiny.

For example, since the city’s environment is so impoverished, many local students who continue their education outside of the city would prefer find work in other places than return to their hometown after graduation.

Furthermore, individuals are becoming increasingly concerned about their health. People’s desire for a healthy body would never be met if the air pollution issue is not remedied as soon as feasible.

If I can improve one significant aspect of my hometown, I believe that reducing air pollution will be my first priority. Fortunately, residents in my area are becoming more aware of the significant issue.

  • If I could alter one thing about my hometown, it would be to provide some beneficial and innovative amenities for its residents to utilize. People in my community may see a lot of changes as a result of a contemporary library, an advanced wide band system, and an integrated gym, which will keep them up to date on the newest knowledge and technology.

In my community, a contemporary library can give a pleasant atmosphere for residents to study and improve themselves. They may utilize a variety of newspapers, magazines, and reference books. They can stay informed about what is going on in the globe and keep up with the rapid speed of development.

They may develop a solid reading habit and learn to get information from books by reading a variety of cultural literature. “Knowledge is power.” Knowledge can help us solve challenges we encounter on a regular basis.

Quick access to the Internet and movie channels are also helping to promote the wide band at home, giving consumers additional options for entertainment. Our lives have been drastically altered as a result of the Internet, whether we like it or not.

We can read the news, shop online, send free e-cards to our pals, send our gorgeous images to anybody we choose, and watch movies online. In any case, the Internet has brought about significant changes in our lives.

Broadband may also give consumers with access to a movie channel. Imagine being able to view your favorite movies by just pressing a single button. It offers a variety of film genres from which to pick. People have more options at home to enjoy life and technological technologies.

Aside from crucial knowledge and modern technology, we also need to exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is why I want to open an all-encompassing gym in my hometown. People may improve their capacity to fight the infection and live life more joyfully by practicing a variety of workouts such as swimming, running, playing badminton, or tennice.

Furthermore, persons who exercise regularly have an optimistic outlook on life, even when confronted with hardships. This is exactly what I’m hoping for.

In conclusion, I want my hometown to be a city with a contemporary library, an advanced wide band system, and a population that enjoys exercise, enjoys life, and has a good attitude about life. As a result, I’d want to focus on constructing the aforementioned facilities initially.

  • Without a question, my hometown is a wonderful location to call home. If I had the opportunity to alter anything about the society, I would bring attention to the lack of unity among society members. I’d want to discuss some of the reasons behind this cause for concern.

This fact may be attributed to a variety of factors. First and foremost, people are preoccupied with attaining more and more in every profession, and as a result, they do not have enough quality time to spend with those who are close to them. As a consequence, they are uninterested in the different events that occur around them.

Furthermore, a lack of unity in variety is caused by poor ties between members of society. As a result, individuals are unfamiliar with one another.

Further underlining my point of view, individuals do not help others by maintaining a pleasant eye since they are selfish due to competition. Improving school standards to provide excellent education to all children in a community, for example, is not a priority for them.

Furthermore, casete bec discrimination may operate as a barrier between individuals, preventing them from communicating with one another.

Last but not least, individuals regularly change occupations and relocate, and as a result, they are unable to establish roots in society. As a result, they are prohibited from interfering in social, emotional, or financial concerns. To summarize, community members should unify since it will be profitable to pave the way for the community’s success.

  • My hometown’s population has been rapidly growing in recent years as a result of its development. Not only is the city’s birthrate greater than it has ever been, but it is also seeing waves of immigration.

During rush hour, the city’s roadways are clogged or even jammed. If I could alter one thing about my hometown, it would be to create a modern public transportation system.

To accommodate such a rapidly growing population, the metropolis has sprawled miles upon miles without much thought. Every day, individuals drive from the city’s southernmost point to its northernmost point to go to work. They must spend three hours or more on their commute to and from work.

Eight hours of labor is a significant commitment, especially since employees must spend time before and after work. The issue might be solved by constructing a subway system that runs through or around the city. People may reside farther out from the city center without having to worry about wasting time getting there.

Some individuals drive their own vehicle to work every day, while others use a cab. For the majority of the city’s residents, it is prohibitively pricey. They are unable to afford such high traffic fees. Many civil engineers believe that sharing a public transportation system is the most efficient option. People may save a lot of money by utilizing the public transportation system and spending it on other things.

Even if an increasing number of individuals can afford to purchase a vehicle or use a cab every day, it is nevertheless recommended that they use the public transportation system. Because road development may never be able to keep up with the demand for more automobiles, traffic may get congested during peak hours.

In those days, a car’s top speed was usually no faster than a bicycle! Another issue to consider is pollution. We shall face an environmental challenge as a result of the large number of private automobiles on the road in the city. On the other side, pollution from the public transportation system is far lower.

Overall, a modern public transportation system that is time-saving, cost-effective, and pollution-free. This is the current tendency in developed cities.

F.A.Q: if you could change one thing in your community what would it be essay

What are the ways that communities are changing?

Over time, communities evolve and develop. Other folks move out and other individuals move in. New structures are being constructed, and new roads are being paved. Your neighborhood has a long history.

What are your plans for giving back to your community?

Giving your time and talents to a local group is a wonderful way to give back to your community. There are a plethora of local organizations that would benefit from your time, whether it’s a hospital, food bank, youth club, elderly home, or animal shelter. Finding local possibilities is as simple as doing a quick web search.

What can you do as a student to help the community?

Even if you are a student, you may assist others by organizing little events such as book drives, tree planting events, cleaning drives, and community service for the elderly in your neighborhood.

What can we do to help our society?

Pay attention to the individuals in your environment and attempt to meet their needs. You may also invest in your education, support charities, donate blood, and safeguard the environment, all of which will benefit society in the long term.

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