when a girl says she needs time to figure things out

It’s easy to be taken aback when a woman tells you she wants her personal space. What exactly does it entail? Are you taking a break right now? Is she going to require a whole hour? Or even a month?

And if that day does arrive, would it be because of anything you did? What exactly did you do to make her so angry?

when a girl says she needs time to figure things out
when a girl says she needs time to figure things out

There is a possibility that you did something incorrectly, although this is not always the case. There are a number of possible interpretations of what a female means when she says she wants her space. And some of those things are completely unrelated to you in any way, shape, or form.

Make an effort to spend less time dwelling in your own thoughts. Do not automatically assume that you know what it means for your relationship if a female tells you that she wants space.

when a girl says she needs time to figure things out.

when a girl says she needs time to figure things out
when a girl says she needs time to figure things out

You show her patience and follow the advice of the old proverb that says, “If you love something, let it free.” If it returns to you, it is yours; if it does not, it was never yours to begin with. Then you should inform her that she should give you a call if or when she works it out, and after that you should continue enjoying your life.

And give it the most satisfying name you can possibly think of. Participate in new activities or sports, start a new hobby, or join a club. Take a break from being the same person you were when you were with her by going on vacation, going hiking or camping, taking classes in archery, painting, or archeological studies, or doing anything else that will make you a new person.

Make a deal to receive a new set of wheels, whether it’s a vehicle or a Harley. Make some changes to your appearance, such as your hairstyle, your wardrobe, or the perfume you use. Start behaving toward yourself and your life as if it were the beginning of something brand new, because in many ways, it is. Participate in some fun activities like dance or bowling, or try your hand at horseback riding.

The more content you are with your life, the more likely it is that you will come to the realization that it does not matter as much whether you are in her heart as it does that your heart is in your life and that you are living it as God gave it to you to enjoy with or without her.

10 interpretations of what it means for her to remark that “she needs time.”

10 interpretations of what it means for her to remark that "she needs time."
10 interpretations of what it means for her to remark that “she needs time.”

1) She has mixed feelings about your potential romantic involvement.

Because most of us males are aware that this is almost always a sign of trouble, the fact that she says she needs some space might be upsetting to a lot of them.
The most prevalent interpretation of this is that she is uncertain about where your relationship is going in the future.

There is a possibility that this is due to a variety of factors, the majority of which may not even be your fault at all.

But regardless of why she is on the fence about the relationship, the more you try to force things, the farther you are going to drive the relationship over a cliff.

If she tells you that she needs time, resist the need to become furious and try to take everything in. Take your time in responding, and make sure you actually take this in.

Inquire as to the reason why, after which you should pay great attention to her answers and, if necessary, consider your next move before replying.

You should use self-control and refrain from hitting out at her even if you believe that her response is absurd, overly sensitive, or both.

You always have the option to leave on your own own if you come to the conclusion that she is acting in an unreasonable manner, regardless of when you reach that conclusion.

However, it is not necessary for it to take place immediately.

2) She considers you to be overly dependent on her.

When she says “she needs time,” one of the top things that it typically indicates is that she believes you are too needy. This is another one of the top things that it implies when she says “she needs time.”

It is completely fine to want affection and connection, but it is not healthy to feel an overwhelming desire and an inadequacy when you do not have it.

It’s a sort of codependency, in which you may believe that you can’t function “well enough” without her.

There are some acts that men often engage in that give women the impression that the men are desperate.

The two primary actions that she may consider to be signs of neediness are, in reality, highly prevalent:

You are always looking for people’s approval and seeking their attention.
You are attempting to hasten the connection or put a name on it far too early in its development.
It’s terrible, and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been guilty of it myself, sabotaging potential wonderful connections in my life as a result.
My sincere recommendation is to stop looking for “the one” and instead focus on improving who you already are as a person…

When it comes to partnerships, you may be startled to learn that there is one extremely crucial link that you have probably been neglecting: the connection between the two of you.

The connection you feel you have with your own self.

This was something that the shaman Rudá Iandê enlightened me on. You will learn the skills necessary to put yourself at the center of your universe in his excellent and totally free movie on the subject of building good relationships.

And if you get into the habit of doing that, there’s no telling how much pleasure and satisfaction you’ll discover not just inside yourself but also in your interactions with other people.

What exactly is it about Rudá’s counsel that makes it so transformative?

Basically, he applies strategies that are based on conventional shamanic practices, but he modifies them in accordance with his own contemporary sensibilities. Even though he’s a shaman, he’s been through all of the same heartache that you and I have when it comes to love.

And by combining these two factors, he was able to pinpoint the aspects of our romantic relationships in which the vast majority of us fall short.
If you’re sick and tired of your romantic relationships never working out, if you’re sick and tired of feeling undervalued, underappreciated, or unwanted, then this great movie that’s completely free will teach you some amazing strategies to flip your love life around.

Start cultivating the love and respect you know you deserve right now by making the necessary adjustment now.

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3) She is truly perplexed about the emotions she is experiencing.

Sometimes her request for further time is only a cover for the fact that she is unsure of how she really feels about the situation.

It’s not the nature of the relationship or anything to do with you; the problem lies with her.

There are moments when it is really her and not you.

It goes without saying that this is not what you want to hear from a lady that you have emotions for, but making an effort to push it would only make the pain worse.

It means exactly what it sounds like it implies if she is unclear about how she feels and “wants time.”

She wants to date many men, she wants to go out and get drunk, and she wants to spend time alone.

Almost certainly all of the aforementioned and then more.

She might be referring to anything at all, but the crucial thing to note is that she does not feel confident enough in how she is currently feeling to make a commitment at this time.

And that is, in all honesty, all that is necessary for you to know.

It is understandable that this may irritate you to some degree; nevertheless, as I have already said, there is not a whole lot you can do about it other than break up with her on the spot or attempt to press the problem into an ultimatum, which is a decision that you may come to regret.

4) She is making preparations to end their relationship with you.

There are instances when the excuse of “needing time” is nothing more than a cheap painkiller.

Let me explain:

Breaking up with someone is difficult, and the majority of women despise having to do it.

So do many males. I know I do.
Because of this, they may tell you that they “need time” as a strategy to break up with you gradually over the course of time and hope that you receive the message.

It is an effort to cushion the blow so that the breakup may be experienced in stages and the pain associated with each stage can be lessened.

In my view, doing so is the act of a coward, since it will not in any way alleviate the discomfort that you are experiencing.

If she is done with the relationship but is too terrified or sad to let you know, then she is a fragile and cruel person. Breaking up is breaking up, and if she is done with the relationship but is too scared or sad to let you know, then she is done.

How can you tell if she wants to end the relationship with you? Continue to press the topic even after she has asked for more time. Ask her if she has been thinking about ending the relationship but is too hesitant to bring it up. Tell her that you are able to handle it.

According to what Iain Myles writes:

“If a female wants to end the relationship with you, she can tell you she just needs some space first.

It’s a chance for her to assess if the relationship is worth maintaining and how well she does on her own without you.

Additionally, she is getting you ready for a life that does not include her.

5) Consult with a relationship counselor.

Confusion and anguish are common emotions brought on by interpersonal relationships. There are moments when you feel like you’ve reached a dead end, and you have no idea what to do next.

Before I really tried it out, I’ll admit that I had always been dubious about seeking assistance from other sources.

My search for a website that provides love counselors that are more than just talk led me to Relationship Hero. They have encountered every possible scenario, and as a result, they are well-versed in how to handle challenging circumstances, such as when your spouse asks for time or space.

Personally, I gave them a go at the most difficult time in my own love life the previous year when I was going through the mother of all crises. They were able to cut through all of the noise and provide me with actual answers.

My coach was kind, they took the time to thoroughly grasp my specific circumstance, and they provided guidance that was actually beneficial.

You may establish a connection with a trained relationship coach in a matter of minutes and get guidance that is adapted specifically to your circumstances.

You may investigate them more by clicking here.

6) She has major disagreements with your way of life and the principles you uphold.

Asking for more time may be a strategy for a woman to use as she waits to see if she finds someone whose beliefs and way of life are a better fit with her own.

In some circumstances, it’s not that she can’t decide how she feels about you, nor is it that she hates the relationship in some manner. Instead, it might be that she’s just not that into it.

It’s not that she doesn’t care about you; it’s simply that she can’t see a future with you since your ideals are so incompatible and your lifestyles are so different.

Perhaps you’re a member of a punk rock band, while she’s an insurance agent with a white collar job who attends church three times a week.

It’s possible that you’re a devout Buddhist who doesn’t eat meat or drink, while she’s a wild party girl who’s spending her middle age in a haze of rum-soaked celebrations.
There are a lot of circumstances in which values are not congruent with one another.

It is not always necessary for this to result in the relationship coming to an end, but it is certainly enough to cause one party to need more time to consider their options.

7) She is going through a difficult time in her personal life.

When she says that she needs time, one of the possible interpretations is that she is not doing well. This is just one of the possible interpretations.

It’s possible that it has nothing to do with you at all, but it might also be something with which she needs time and distance rather than proximity from you.

Common examples include:

The passing of a family member
An uphill battle against mental illness
Serious problems from the past that have just resurfaced
Her frustrations in her professional life and her personal finances are eating up all of her time.
You need to have faith in her and trust what she says when she tells you it’s one of these things.

You may significantly boost both her respect for you and her attractiveness to you by demonstrating that you believe what she says and are prepared to give her some of your time.

8) She has a romantic attraction to a different man

It’s possible that when she says she needs time, what she really means is that she’s thinking about another man.

You could be asking, if she’s interested in another person, why she doesn’t simply break up with you and go on with her life instead of continuing to waste your time.

In most cases, this is due to the fact that she is unsure about how things are going to go with him.

This practice is referred to as “benching,” and it means that she wants to keep you on the team as a backup player in case man #2 doesn’t work out.

So she tells you that she simply needs some time, but what she actually wants is the opportunity to explore her options with another dashing man.

It is not satisfactory in any way.

Bear in mind that this is not something that is exclusive to either gender; some males who are affected by this have a very negative attitude about women in general.

There are also males that pick on females.

9) She longs for the days when she was on her own.

Sometimes a woman may tell you that she needs more time, but what she actually means is that she longs for the days when she could make her own decisions.

Being alone for a significant amount of time makes it simple to experience feelings of isolation, but being in a committed relationship is the only thing that can eradicate those emotions and replace them with something positive.

Suddenly, the concept of having a whole weekend to spend by oneself seems like a dream come true.

And it’s very possible that this is how she feels.

She then informs you that she needs some time for herself.

But what she truly means to say is that she has a hard time coping with the sensation of being linked to someone, and that she yearns for more independence and space for herself.

10) She is putting you to the test.

Last but certainly not least, there is always the possibility that your girlfriend or the person you have a romantic interest in is playing a game with you.

She will tell you that she needs more time in order to gauge how you will respond on occasion.

Do you strike out in wrath and accusation, or do you not care at all about what others think of you?

Do you engage in intellectual conversation and ask questions, but finally accept it in a mature manner, or do you flip out and become both anxious and depressed?

Your response to anything like this is undoubtedly very individual and based on gut feeling.

It’s possible that you’ve had a painful experience in the past with females walking all over you.

It is obvious that she is not acting in a fair manner by testing you or playing games with you in such a manner.

However, this does not imply that it never occurs; on the contrary, it occurs fairly often.

Investigating the reasons behind why she wants to pause what she’s doing or go more slowly is your best choice, but you should do it in a sensible and composed manner. In the end, you should try to accept her decisions and the choices she makes about the relationship.

Things almost never turn out nicely when you try to force them.

In this context, how much time are we talking about?

Everyone has a distinct threshold for how much insecurity they can tolerate in a romantic relationship.

The depth of your relationship with this girl is another significant factor that plays a huge role in the outcome of this situation.

If she has communicated to you that she needs time, it is absolutely OK for you to get in contact with her after a few weeks and inquire as to whether or not she still wants to be together.

If she says that she needs more time, and after a month or two she still says that she needs more time, then you need to face the fact that she is breaking up with you in slow motion at this point.

She will return if and when she decides that she wants to do so.

In the meanwhile, it would be best for you to concentrate on your own life, make an effort to get to know someone new, and work on strengthening the connection you have with yourself.

Is it possible that a relationship coach may assist you as well?

Talking to a relationship coach may be quite beneficial if you are looking for particular guidance on how to handle the scenario you are in.

This is something I have personally experienced…

When I was going through a bad period in my relationship a few months back, I called out to Relationship Hero for some advice and guidance. They provided me with a one-of-a-kind insight into the mechanics of my relationship and how to get it back on track after I had been lost in my thoughts for such a lengthy period of time.

If you haven’t heard of Relationship Hero before, it’s a website where individuals who are going through intricate and challenging love circumstances may get assistance from relationship coaches who are highly trained.

You may establish a connection with a trained relationship coach in a matter of minutes and get guidance that is adapted specifically to your circumstances.

My coach’s level of compassion, understanding, and real assistance astounded and impressed me to no end.

Simply click on this link to get started.

What to do if she tells you that she needs time and space

What to do if she tells you that she needs time and space
What to do if she tells you that she needs time and space

When she tells you that she needs space, your first response could be to try to solve the situation. In the end, men are problem solvers. But hold on there for a second.

Take some time to go over these instructions and determine whether or not there is a more suitable route for you. There most certainly is.

1. Allow her some privacy.

You shouldn’t dispute with her or go on your knees and beg her to remain with you. It’s not always a sign that she’s going to leave you behind. Assuming that this is the case and being anxious about it will only serve to drive her farther away.

Because she has asked for space, you should provide it to her. Put aside your conversations for a few of days. She will make contact with you when she is ready. [For more information, see our piece on the benefits of maintaining emotional distance in romantic partnerships.]

2. Socialize with your loved ones and close companions.

There is no sense in staying at home and doing nothing while you wait for her to send you a message, as dumb as it may seem. It will take her some time before she starts sending you SMS. Spending too much time thinking about it will drive you insane.
Now is your opportunity to reconnect with the friends and family members whose lives you put on hold while you were preoccupied with her.

Talk to your pals and make an effort to see things from their perspective. Perhaps they are privy to information that you are not. You don’t even need to bring up the subject of her. Just make an effort to take pleasure in your own place. Who knows, maybe you were so concerned about giving her space that you forgot that you also needed some for yourself. Who knows? [To read: Do You Need Some Space in Your Relationship? click here.]

3. Give some thought to the connection.

Are you content with the way the relationship is going? Perhaps you are so concerned with the state of her happiness that you have completely overlooked the fact that you too need some personal space.

When a female tells you that she wants space, you should ask yourself whether there is anything that has been building up in her over the previous several weeks or months. Where do you fall short in the relationship, both of you? Is there anything that you’ve been missing or disregarding for a while now?

Sometimes in a relationship, you might get so used to things being a certain way that you become blind to the issues that are there in front of your face. [For more information, see our piece on how to love someone without suffocating them.]

4. Communicate with her.

You should prepare to engage in conversation with her at some point in the future. This might be after a number of days or even after a couple of weeks at this point. The important thing is that you can finally take a seat and talk about what’s really going on in the world.

Give her the opportunity to explain to you why she needed distance and how it affected her. Did she manage to find the time that she required? Have you been on her mind? In addition to this, speak about what you’ve been thinking about, the things that hold you back, and the connection in general. What have you learned about yourself throughout this period?

Was the purpose of this room to bring you closer together or to push you farther apart? [For more information, read about the 14 steps that may help you improve your communication skills with your spouse.]

5. Remain faithful

You are mistaken if you believe that now is the time for you to start hooking up with random women. Keep in mind that just because a female claims she wants some space does not indicate that you are on a short break from the relationship with her. You have not parted ways yet. If she has not directly informed you that the two of you are taking a break from one another, then you may consider yourself to be in a committed relationship.

In addition to that, today is not the time to be lazing about. Do you not recall that you are meant to be reflecting on the relationship? However, if you are hooking up with other people or desire to, the relationship probably wasn’t intended to continue very long. It’s possible that this is one of the reasons she desired the room in the first place. [For more information, see our article on the essential guidelines to follow while you’re taking a break from a romantic relationship.]

6. If you run into her, don’t even think of trying to get into her underwear.

Do not seize the chance to get into her trousers if it has been many days or weeks since you’ve seen her. She may not want you to. This was not only a lull in the action. This vacancy needed to be filled. Discuss the matter.

I understand that you are experiencing sex deprivation, but you have a more serious issue on your hands. Your connection to one another. Put your attention first and mainly on it.

[For more information, see our piece on how to give someone space without alienating them]

You should now be able to figure out what to do when a female tells you that she wants space since you have a better understanding of the reasons why. Whatever the case may be, you should give her the space she needs.

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F.A.Q when a girl says she needs time to figure things out.

F.A.Q when a girl says she needs time to figure things out.
F.A.Q when a girl says she needs time to figure things out.

What exactly does it imply when a woman states that she needs some time to herself?

2) She considers you to be overly dependent on her.
When she says “she needs time,” one of the top things that it typically indicates is that she believes you are too needy. This is another one of the top things that it implies when she says “she needs time.” It is completely fine to want affection and connection, but it is not healthy to feel an overwhelming desire and an inadequacy when you do not have it.

If I give her some space, would she think about missing me?

It seems to be working correctly. Because of this, it is a common recommendation made by psychologists and therapists who specialize in relationships. To put it another way, giving her space will cause her to miss you. And in many cases, this is all that is required to bring the two of you back together, with the relationship becoming even more robust than before.

When a woman confides in you that she has to “discover herself,” what exactly does she mean?

It indicates that she is dissatisfied with her existence. She has shown interest in pursuing a new path, which often indicates she does not want you to be a part of it. Give her all the distance she needs, like miles and miles, so that she has ample room to find someone else, since this relationship is on the verge of coming to an end.

How can you tell if a female is trying to put some distance between herself and you?

Here Are 10 Indications That Her Interest in You Has Waned
10 She Gives Up Trying to Make Plans Ahead of Time…
9 She Will Not See You. 8 She Will Not Sleep With You Anymore. 9 She Will Not See You.
7 She Gives Vague Answers to Texts. 6 She Begins Going Out More. 5 She Posts More “Selfies.” 7 She Gives Vague Answers to Texts.
4 She Doesn’t Enjoy Being Touched as Much, and 3 She’s Always on Her Phone When She’s With You She doesn’t enjoy being touched as much as she used to.

 Conclusion Paragraph:

You should now be able to figure out what to do when a female tells you that she wants space since you have a better understanding of the reasons why. Whatever the case may be, you should give her the space she needs.

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